You are being sent on a mission! Learn about the theme and then complete enough challenges to earn your badge.

Choose your own adventure with a quest. These inquiry projects allow you to pursue your own area of interest.

Awards include a variety of tasks, milestones and special activities. Awards can be earned in class, around school or even in the community.

Recognize contributions to our classroom community by nominating someone for a community badge.

Achievements will be hard work but also a lot of fun.

Each mission, quest, award or community badge you achieve will also earn you a certain number of points. Earning points will allow you to level up.

More important than points or badges is that you will learn, practice and share your French knowledge.


What is French Quest?

Student-driven Language Learning

Badge Group

French Quest complements our in-class learning. You will set your own goals and work towards achieving them by completing a variety of activities:

  • Watch video clips

  • Read stories

  • Answer questions

  • Interview classmates

  • Write blog posts

  • Create YouTube videos

  • Invent games

  • And more…

Hall of Fame

Some of our best work.